Thursday, November 16, 2006

Day 16 - Back on track!

A shaky start (seems to be my usual issue, is this common?) but like the proverbial snowflake that sets off an avalanche I ended up with 2606 words tonight.

I've introduced some more complexity to a main character and brought in a new one. I did look up two things on the 'net. One definition and then a Wikipedia article. I try to limit my "research" to bare minimums. I can go back during the re-write and look stuff up then.

My husband asked me the other night if I had a plot yet. I told him "it's rather nebulous but it seems to be coming together". Tonight he offered to correct my spelling and punctuation when I was done. That might not be good for the marriage...*sigh*

I would have liked to hit 30k tonight. I might have another 356 words in me before midnight...


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