Monday, November 13, 2006

Day 13 - I've Passed the Half Way Mark!

Yep, 25,037 is tonight's verified word count. I would like to get a little more ahead because even though I've hit the half way point two days early I'm going to lose another three days this month. Tomorrow is my husband's birthday so I'm taking that off to spend with him. Thanksgiving Day and probably the day after I'll be busy with family so I don't count on writing on those days either.

That said, I hope to get further ahead this coming weekend and I did take the Monday after Thanksgiving off so I might have to do some extra writing then, as well. Of course by the 27th I should be getting pretty close to the big goal and with the finish line beckoning there should be plenty of incentive.

I'm still challenged with not enough forward momentum in the flimsy plot I've been loosely constructing as I go. I'm getting more dialog written, however. It doesn't seem as daunting as it did at first. I think it's because I'm getting familiar and comfortable with the characters - I can "hear" how they talk and the dialog just seems to be right when it happens.

I've tried to stay light on description but I know that it's important not to neglect it all together. If I don't do much now I can always go back on the re-write and put more in - a good thing when the goal is 50k and that's not quite up to novel legnth. I'll need at least another 40k to be at minimum standards from various submissions guidelines out there. Not that I'm already thinking about that - I read a lot of writing related sites - kind of my self-devised job description for my moderator job at Absolute Write.

Speaking of which - I'm going to head over there now. See ya tomorrow!


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