Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Day 14 - A "Designated" Day Off

Today is my husband's birthday so I dedicated the evening to him and didn't write. It was one of the planned 3 days off. I'm still a bit ahead so I'm not too worried about catching up but I am worried about how taking time off makes getting started again more difficult.

I am using some prompts each night to get the words moving along and so far that's helped. I'd share the prompts but they're quite specific to the characters and plot of my story and I know they wouldn't help anyone else.

I'll share a little about that - it's not a deep dark mystery. Quite some time ago on the Absolute Write Water Cooler (forums) there was a move from one hosting service to another. Jenna Glatzer announced it and a number of us started posting in the thread "are we there yet?" and I started treating the thread as if it were a road trip and I was a youngster keeping a travel journal. I was very silly and the folks there were as well. I've been using some of the posts as prompts and all of the posters are characters - at least their names if not the tone or persona they were using in the thread.

Of course I'm taking a lot of liberties and the story isn't directly about the thread - but the inspiration was.

If you want to go to Absolute Write and look a the thread it's called New Host Coming!



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