Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Dawno Gets Week Two Off to a Good Start

Slightly over 2500 words tonight. Plot is starting to click in my head - it's firming up in the flow of the writing as well. Will mean major re-writes at some point but I'm not even considering it until Nov. is a memory.

I'm ahead by 4876 words today. That's 2.6 days cushion in my 27 day plan. I'm hoping that I don't have to use it this weekend, but I'm glad to have it!

Did I mention that one of the cats has decided that 'the' place to be during my scheduled Wrimo time is on my lap with paws on my laptop computer? She has finally gotten comfortable enough with me to get in my lap (it's been almost a month she's been here) and of course the main time she wants up is exactly when I can't have her there!

chaostitan on Absolute Write asked "I wonder if you put your cat on the keyboard for one month....could that count as a NaNo novel?"

Only if you let the cat take full credit, ok?


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