Friday, November 03, 2006

NaNo Day 3 (don'cha love the original post titles?)

I've pounded out just over 2100 words so far tonight. It's Friday so I may keep at it until I can't see anymore. Or feel my fingers, maybe. I think I need to get some padding on my laptop where the "heels" of my hands rest. They're getting a bit sore.

Anybody know if these daily posts have to be substantive for NaBloPoMo?

Anyway, I still don't really have a plot. I'm just writing about characters. They go places, do things, talk. I'm starting to get a feeling for who they are and what they might do...but as far as a real novel with a plot - not there yet. Well, maybe a glimmer.

I keep tippy toeing up to a conflict between my two main characters, but things aren't serious enough yet for a real crisis. Maybe soon. In a "real" novel nobody would possibly read this far without a damn good reason to keep turning the pages and I still haven't come up with it. But what are re-writes for anyway? When I figure out what the conflict and crisis are then it's cut n paste time!

Before I go, I'd like to just plug the Learn Writing With Uncle Jim thread at Absolute Write. It's going to be my guide to the re-write on this thing. But right now I'm taking this advice:
"One way to find your beginning is this: first, write your book. Now go through it to find its start.

Here's how to recognize the start: it's the point where you can no longer summarize everything that went before in a single sentence"


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