Sunday, May 20, 2007

No Review This Week - But...

But the good news is that I have a small press submission to work on for next week! It's All Encompassing Trip by Nicole Del Sesto from Afterbirth Books. This is Nicole's debut novel.

I'm also working on what my overall objective is in doing these reviews. I guess a "business plan" for something that's only a hobby, seems kind of strange, but still, it's a good idea to have some kind of a thought out plan for any endeavor. Where am I going with this and how do I get the word out that small press books of interest and my reviews of them are here? How picky am I going to be about submissions?

All this and more after ponderment is complete.

Oh, in case anyone wonders, I'll do e-books, too - that is to say books only being made available as e-books, but again, they need to be from e-book publishers. Self published e-book authors should submit to POD People.


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