Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Day 21 - Totems and Food

So today I did 2560 which brought me to within 282 words of 45k. I'm going to get right back to it in a minute, so I will get over the mark - but it's after 11 pm and I didn't want to get too wrapped up in it that I forgot my NaBloPoMo for tonite!

The plot has taken my characters to a place where they're going to be influenced by Native American mysticism. And eat a dang good lunch. There's a lot of food in this story. The characters like to talk over meals. Works for me.

I have tomorrow off and hope to get a bit ahead of the word count since my daughter will be in town for Thanksgiving day and through the weekend. Thursday is the last "planned" day off - but I may try to do a few words anyway. OK, I wanna break that 45k mark - gonna get back to it now. See ya tomorrow. I hope your writing is going well!


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