Thursday, October 12, 2006

Welcome to Dawno's NaNo Blog

Yep. I'm signed up for NaNoWriMo '06. I'll post stuff about the process and other miscellany. I won't be posting the WIP. Well, maybe teensy bits. But the whole purpose of me doing NaNo is:

  1. Write every day
  2. Give myself permission to write crap
  3. Have fun
My one rule is going to be NO BLOGGING, NO POSTING ON AW until I've done my BIC for the day. Except weekend mornings. I don't think I'll be doing my daily writing in the morning. I'm not a morning person; so on the weekends I give myself permission to blog or post as long as it's in the morning and not instead of NaNo writing.

There are 3 days in November that I probably, realistically, won't be writing. My husband's birthday, my daughter's birthday and Thanksgiving. So 50k words / by 27 days = 1,852 words per day. If I type at about 45 wpm that's 41 minutes. I'm sure I'll not just sit and type continuously so I better set aside two or three hours each evening. The TiVo will fill up, that's for certain!

If you're doing NaNo and visit here, please say hi, let me know your NaNo username and we can give each other some encouragement!


Anonymous Julia said...

Somehow you're really tempting me to join in this year. I usually shy away because the end of November is so hectic for me, since we travel to visit my husband's family for Thanksgiving. However, I have some time on my hands for a few hours each day babysitting, and not much Internet access, so I can use my old) laptop (which doesn't have Internet access) to write. I'm really considering signing up... except I don't have a plot or characters, either, though I just bo9ught a book that might help me come up with some ideas. It might be just the right time to start my novel. I'll let you know when I've signed up.

5:44 PM  
Anonymous Sam said...

I signed up as Samgail(atAW and NaNo) and I am ready....maybe..not really! I have not done this before and fiction is actually a fairly new endeavor so it should prove to be interesting. I am glad to see a familiar AW face. Good Luck.
Samantha Gail

11:15 PM  

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