Monday, August 13, 2012

Dawno's Bookstore is "Open" for Business (on Amazon)

A few minutes ago I loaded my 56th gently used hardback book to my Amazon bookstore. I'm going to  share about these books here and hope you'll be interested in buying one (or two!).
Where did all my beads go?
Oh, way back there behind all those bins...

First off, why am I doing this? My husband and I bought a new house. The detached garage had been converted into a studio and I immediately started drooling over the prospect of having a space for my creative endeavors. Well, until this is cleaned up, I'm going to have to wait:

We had a lot of books stored in bins and boxes which all ended up in the studio. I've just scratched the surface with the ones I've listed so far.

So, what will I be selling? Lots of procedurals/mysteries/thrillers of the detective, medical, legal and political sort, military fiction, spy fiction, humor, and a few non-fiction books, too.  I've collected a number of series books in hardcover over the years, mostly first editions and all of them are gently read. Most only once.

Now that I've got an iPad I download those kinds of books and rarely buy hardbacks anymore.  I also have tons of science fiction in both paper and hard back, but I haven't decided if I 'm going to part with them yet. Probably will.

Anyway, I want to tell you about the books so I'm reviving this old blog for that purpose. If you were following it for reviews of POD books, or to read about my NaNoWriMo experience, that might come up again too!

Next time: W.E.B Griffith novels.


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